Wildlife of the Mourachan

The Outback is iconic, a place renowned for its quintessential Australian wildlife. Mourachan has become a haven for many species as the surrounding areas are cleared for agriculture.

Wildlife surveys are being continually conducted and new species are regularly being found on the property. There are a number of species at Mourachan that are threatened with extinction, are endemic to the area or have a restricted distribution. According to the Queensland Nature Conservation Regulation 2006 (current May 2014), four threatened reptile species are present on Mourachan: the yakka skink (Vulnerable), brigalow scaly-foot (Vulnerable), woma python (Near Threatened), and death adder (Near Threatened).

Rescued emus have been hand-raised and released at Mourachan since 2007. They have now established a healthy breeding population and the original released emus now bring their chicks to the shearers quarters, where we’ll be camping for the duration of the expedition.

Long term, we hope to introduce the critically endangered northern hairy-nosed wombat back onto the property, where it was once found. The species is currently restricted to two reserves, where their numbers are increasing.

So far there have been records of:

  • 17 Amphibians
  • 26 Mammals
  • 52 Reptiles
  • 102 Birds