Travel Information

The Stockman’s Quarters

The Stockman’s Quarters is the heart of Mourachan and the base for our expedition. A rustic outback building that survived the trials of time provides a hot shower, flush toilet, a small kitchen and laundry facilities, meaning this remote location has all the comforts of home… with the addition of waking up to the sound of emus and galahs. Although extremely limited, Wi-Fi is accessible and the camp is equipped with a landline for local calls.


Australia Zoo staff and photographers form the best team possible for your expedition. The team conducting the expedition know the property like the back of their hand, and will share their knowledge of the land and the many animals that call it home.


Wildlife Warriors is a not-for-profit organisation that supports a range of conservation efforts in Australia and throughout the world. Any money raised after we’ve paid our expenses on this expedition will be used to sponsor other research on Australia Zoo’s conservation properties. This is not a luxury holiday; it is a genuine expedition and a truly unique experience… The team will show you an incredible part of Australia few get to see.

No, there is no need to take antimalarial medication, just personal medication that you require.
Yes, there is a hot shower and flushing toilet at camp.
Yes, power is available in the Stockman’s Quarters.
Flights are not required to get to Mourachan, we will drive from Australia Zoo to the conservation property.
A moderate level of fitness is recommended; there is a lot of hiking required as a part of the trip.

General Rules

The following rules apply at all times while on expedition:

  • Do not approach any wild animal unless instructed to do so by an Australia Zoo staff member.
  • Campfires must be restricted to designated areas to prevent uncontrolled burns.
  • If you notice something unsafe, please inform an Australia Zoo staff member as soon as possible.
  • Do not leave camp without informing an Australia Zoo staff member.
  • Mourachan is a dry camp; no alcohol or illicit substances may be bought onto the property.

Snake Safety

We are fortunate enough to share this area with some of the most venomous snakes on the planet, please obey these simple rules:

  • Follow the instruction of Australia Zoo staff at all times.
  • Report any snake sightings to the Australia Zoo team.
  • Wear appropriate footwear at all times.
  • Stick to well-used, open trails. In scrubby areas, use a walking stick to alert a snake of your approach.
  • Avoid walking through thickly vegetated areas, especially during spring.
  • Do not step or put your hands where you cannot see.


The expedition is catered, you will be provided with three meals a day for your trip, as well as snacks. Please inform us of any dietary requirements or allergies in the paperwork that will be sent to you before the trip.